About Eco-Expression

“We need a big movement,
and big movements come from beauty and meaning,
not columns of statistics.”
-Bill McKibben

Dear Artists and Allies,

During my 11 years as a climate activist, I have seen hundreds of artworks about climate change and environmental degradation. I have enjoyed illustrations, designs, logos, as well as more subtle Fine Art that this subject has inspired. Unfortunately, many of these works have not received as much attention as they deserve. We hope to give a platform for artists dealing with issues of sustainability, help open up a greater dialog about this crisis and give ammunition to activists.

Please let me know how we can better support art and artists to become a more effective resource for the world community.

Kalman Gacs

A brief history of where the show has been:

April, 2010: Boston University, The George Sherman Union
We participated in a sustainability day with Melodeego.

March, 2010: Columbia University, NY Postcrypt Gallery and Greensborough House
We were invited as part of a larger festival and displayed art indoors and outdoors.

January, 2010: Chinese Characters Gallery, Budapest
This show garnered coverage on one of the top TV stations and kicked off with a packed opening night.

October through December 2009: Northeastern University, Student Union
This was the first time the exhibition ran with the “Eco-Expression” name. We were invited to curate by NU as part of a month-long series of events celebrating¬†sustainability on campus.

July, 2009: Needham Public Library

June 2009: World Youth Forum, Geneva, Switzerland

April, 2009: Wellesley College, Student Center

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