Eco-Expression will…


Inspire New Artwork

Art is one of the best catalysts for conversation. We are accepting art that ranges from apolitical to directly propagandistic. While we will be acting locally through exhibions (some set for the Boston area), we also support the climate movement by archiving art online. By allowing us to display and distribute artwork online, artist support and inspire people worldwide.

Uncover and “Free” Artwork

We find new audiences for past work created about climate change. We find new markets and new appreciation for lost and forgotten art works.

Support Activists

Climate activists turn to us for designs, or for help in organizing an exhibition, art contest or fundraiser auction on campus.


Help us in this mission by contacting artists that have created strong illustrations that you find in magazines or on the web, and have them (or gain permission to) enter their work through our submission form (see tab link above).


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