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These are some groups we like who are working towards really cool things.


Quality printing with a focus on sustainability

We are developing our partnership with, which is a forward thinking international climate change campaign that understands the value of creativity in activism. They have used some images designed as part of this project and we raised a little over $350 for


A network of 1,000′s of environmental groups. We are working on creating a massive partnership with Earth Action in the form of an international art share.


Parallel Visual Art/ Environment Projects:

Eco Art Space

An interdisciplinary organization that addresses global environmental issues by using art to “connect human beings aesthetically with the awareness of larger ecological systems.”

The Green Museum

A volunteer run online space for the presentation and discussion of environmental art.

Cape Farewell

A programme to bring artists, scientists, and communicators together to respond to the challenges of climate change, and create a vision for a sustainable future.

Green Patriot Posters

A group that facilitates the making and distributing of posters that “encourage all U.S. citizens to build a sustainable economy.”

Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

The CSPA works with partnering information sources to develop a network of resources and special initiatives to enable sustainable and artistically excellent practices.

International League of Conservation Photographers

A group that translates conservation science to produce documentary images of both the beauty and wonder of the natural world and the challenges facing it.

G2 Gallery, Supporting Art and the Environment

A gallery and backyard wildlife habitat that promote the appreciation and conservation of our natural environment.


Parallel Music Projects:

Artists Project Earth 

A group that collaborates with high profile artists to raise money for various environmental initiatives.


An organization that works with bands and artists to create sustainable practices in the music industry, as well as spread the message of environmental sustainability to wider communities of music fans.



An independent Australian not for profit body that harnesses the creative power of the Arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change.

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