Laura Marotta

This is a series of photographs taken in the central part of Massachusetts.  These high res photos were taken with a Nikon D80 and touched up in Adobe Photoshop
I think the lighting is an essential element to these photos and capture well the essence of early spring in new england. I would like my work to be a display of the most incongruous and overlooked wonders of life. Using simply light and the natural form allows me to create a visual exploration into the human psyche, including such themes as emotion, environment, desire, habit, and change.


The half-moon is cold and crisp.

Peering down with one distorted eye

Twisting it’s hazy glow into a white fog surrounding it’s ring

The deep blues fade into a black and gray void,

and still it watches me.

Through all the silent turmoil it watches me.

Bright white edges puncture the perfect sphere

and give way to two dimensions

floating in the night air.

And drained of character and matter and feeling,

 I posses nothing more or less than it does.

Floating, slightly wavering,

intently peering into souls, until it comes time again to change the tides.

And they will change

They must



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