Peter Kang


‘Multiplicity’, the new type of Human being, emphasizes that our heart is cherishing Mother Nature as well as is palpitating in Mother Nature. We must recognize that true happiness and fresh energy comes from becoming friend with the environment, not from subduing the environment.

What I want to express through the drawing ‘Multiplicity’ is the restoration of affirmative and delightful life which are disappearing in the radical Capitalism and Materialism.


‘Multiplicity’ is the new type of human being who is living with the lilting steps and lively spirit in pursuit of the harmony with nature. It is the realigned human being who reformed by the invisible energy and folds influenced by the surroundings not represented by the visible shape.


The reason why I draw the invisibles is to highlight that the lively spirit with positive energy comes from the environment is the most important element in opposition to the visible material affluence in our life.


‘Multiplicity’ consists of infinite folds and Heart. Each of folds is composed of records of meeting with the others which giving me the delightful energy and accumulated by memories of buoyant expectations toward the happiness.


There is the Heart that called human’s internal energy in the center of infinite folds. This energy is erupted toward the direction of life in pursuit of the delight given by the Mother Nature. And infinite folds are also created around the heart. These new form created by infinite folds and internal energy is the ‘Multiplicity’.


I believe that the ‘Multiplicity’ can be the new alternative in a society with a highly developed Capitalism and Materialism.

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