Sara Feldman

Feldman painted this image for “HOT,” a climate change themed exhibition at Depot Square Gallery in Lexington, MA. For “HOT,” all the members submitted their own take on global warming and these were displayed with entries from visiting artists.

She stated the following about her work:

People viewing my landscapes often ask where the scene is. Sometimes the answer can be simple. “Bryce Canyon is a composite of views from Bryce Canyon”, or “that sunrise was seen from Highland Beach, FL.” But other paintings are constructs built from scenes remembered from mountain hikes, ski vacations or watching the fish in my cousin’s pond…

In some sense, they fit the A.A. Milne poem:

“It isn’t really anywhere. It’s somewhere else instead”

…In this case the cascade of melting glacier and the roar of the rushing water fills my mind as I think of the problem posed to the world and I see the power in the scene.

Feldman is a founding member of the Depot Square Gallery. She works in acrylic, pencil, colored pencil and watercolor. Her paintings are multilayered, allowing the translucent quality of the acrylics to show depth and richness.

Artist’s site:

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