This artwork is in the style that Banksy used to surreptitiously install in major art museums.  Banksy is well known for his humorous and often radical stenciled graffiti, which is carefully sited to work with the location in which it is placed.   He has been creating legal, “indoor” art as well.  Among these are works in which he juxtaposes incongruous elements into old paintings (the works in this show are part of that series).  In these works there are scathing indictments of the art world, and other social and political commentary.

The works shown here are available for free from Banksy’s web store as digital files with which he insists that users “don’t make a business,” but freely print for enjoyment.   Although Banksy remains semi-anonymous, he has had some large exhibitions, most recently one in Belfast, where environmental and animal rights issues were addressed through meticulously crafted, surreal phantasmagoric animals in 3D.  Some of that same work had been on view in a pet store in NYC.

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