Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda

In my most recent project, The Animal Project, I place figures and animals sharing the same world. I think of the qualities of a specific animal and then shoot a figure that carries out a pose or action that relates to the animal. I paint the animal directly on the photograph by hand. I then re-shoot the photograph so there is no evidence of paint on the photograph. This gives the impression that the animal was there with the figure at the time of shooting. The photographs provide fun, unusual images that illustrate comical stories between figures and animals. They offer a new sense of reality that would not be achievable out in the real world.

Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda Lived in Marbella for her first nine years, her familly then moved to the Canary Islands  Attended Wesley College (boarding school), Dublin, Ireland, from the age of eleven to eighteen   Obtained her B.F.A with a concentration in Painting from Montserrat College of Art, MA 2005

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