Chris Clark

Chris Clark’s work has been called “Unwelcoming” and “Mad Maxian.” He is a master of creating environments that leave you with a feeling of being taken out of time as well as out of place. Organic and manufactured forms along with portions of text and images from blueprints & building plans are fantastically layered to create environments that feel engineered and sometimes beautifully toxic. In many of these works there is a sense of expectation that some sort of powerful event might occur. The objects could be anywhere, and the complex physically worked surfaces with backgrounds suggestive of Islamic screens or patterned wallpaper can become so dense that there is little room for anything else. His blending of organic forms with manufactured surfaces suggests technology run amok and a natural world in accelerated flux. There is a crowded but sometimes empty and very quiet feeling. Iconic objects set against backgrounds of ornate patterns may feel like “depopulated outposts after or before a global dark night of the soul.” These richly layered and obsessively detailed environments render a vivid depiction of the broad horizon of construction, planning, and destruction of Chris Clark’s vision.

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