Daniel Watson

“My highest priority in all my Artwork is subject matter. Every other aspect in the creative process is secondary. Some of the prime themes of my subject matter are spirit, politics, corporations most with anti-corporation themes – even though I understand the need for them), nature, environment, animals, plants, extinction, apocalypse, genocide, total desolation, disillusionment and other injustices.

In regards to style I’m self-taught and I do not try to be static on any level…Gandhi was once asked why he was so inconsistent on so many levels, and he said that the only thing he was consistent at was being inconsistent. That describes me in large part. I love surrealism, but I know little or nothing about the movement, and if I did I’m sure I would not adhere to its rules.

I believe art is about beauty, but I also believe art is about ugly too. I believe art can be a color matching wallpaper to fit ones interior design and I believe it can be a tool to change the world’s direction.

Most of my art is very intentional. Some of my pieces are a result of years of thoughts and planning. Sometimes planning how to paint them, how to draw them, how to convey an idea or thought to the most people, how to convey the true spirit of a person in a portrait – if you don’t do this in a portrait then how can it be better than a photograph? Even to this day after years of drawing and painting, I still have to go out and teach myself how to construct at least some aspect of each new picture I create. I don’t try to reproduce my techniques or styles. I try to create what’s in my mind’s eye exactly how I envisioned it and rarely do I have the skill to do so, so I go out and learn, and sketch, and plan, and construct, and ask, and listen, and read, and observe and try.”

Daniel Watson is imprisoned in a California penitentiary, where he has been for over twenty years, his art for social change seems to have a redemptive quality to it.

Artist’s site: http://danielgwatson.webs.com

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