Laura T. Cuniff

“Filled with a sense of awe at the lush greens and plentiful dew-dropped fields of the Irish County Clare, I initially was drawn to encapsulate this beauty…I placed a mirror in the fairytale setting of blue skies, rolling hills, flirting vines, and flowers of bounty.  I painted this repeatedly each time adding more vibrancy, more vegetation, more positive reflections of my new surroundings. I crafted vine-woven crowns of flowers. I wandered with the mirror and placed it high and low, each time reflecting a natural beauty that was meaningful to me.


A harsh reality set in when I was faced with the dead rock floors of the Burren. The similar austerity between the Burrens’ plenitude of rocks and Boston’s brick laden cityscape had awakened my fairytale mindset. After reflecting upon nature’s gift of beauty I was drawn to comment on the death of this beauty as well.

Laura Cunniff, a Fine Art major with a concentration in Graphic Arts, is currently in her final year at Northeastern University. She has furthered her studies at the Burren College of Art of Co. Clare, Ireland and from there has studied under Jules Maidoff at SACI (Studio Art Centers International) in Florence, Italy.  Her last year spent in San Francisco has led her from fine art enthusiast to wanna-be graphic artist.  She is currently freelancing and working in a design lab in Boston, MA planning her next move.

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