Marije van der Park

The city changes through a continuous process of demolition and rebuilding. Nature comes second almost every time.’

With Green Oasis, Meesters & Van der Park re-introduces nature to the city in a functional way. For the design, the agency was inspired by technique as well as nature: the shape of the excavator embodies technique, while the growing climbing plants represent the force of nature. The result is a summer dwelling in the shape of a life-sized excavator, covered with green climbing plants. It is literally a green oasis for those much needed moments of peace and quiet in an urban public environment. The structure offers seating to four people. The object is entirely made of laser cutted steel and produced by Phoenix Metaalwarenfabriek.

These works are more architecture than art by formal definition, but I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to things that blur the lines between art and other things when compiling work for Wunderkammer. Somehow, these works that enter our public spaces or derive from more comfortable familiar forms can come at us a bit perpendicularly, not being obviously message oriented works — and perhaps are therefore more easily able to get under our skin.”

Jenny Kendler, Environmental Art Blog

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